Sunday, March 2, 2008

Immigration Help Forums / Resources

I've noticed a large number of people accidentally ending up on this blog looking for answers to questions regarding the immigration process. There is a lot of bad info and many incompetent / predatory lawyers. I would like your help in directing them towards a helpful place. Here are a few resources that I know of that are known to give good advice.

1) From yave - an actual immigration lawyer - a collection of resources

2) I find Carl Shusterman's site helpful at times.

3) For immigration or college help for immigrant minors or immigrants brought here as children go to The DREAM Act Portal

4)For the spouses / family of undocumented and documented immigrants there are plenty of choices. -especially helpful if you have an undocumented spouse

5) If you're looking for an employment sponsorship, this website might be helpful. It lists companies that might sponsor H1B, H2B, Green Card, and other work based visas.

I know there are many, many more and would appreciate your help in letting me know which ones are reliable


snookman said...

Great show i can really relate, my g/f's kids left on the t.v. iam a 40 y/o non american, however lived here since i was 3 y/o, of course not to my own doing. i feel american. Really what else can i feel like. My question is... is there any shows of parents that left their non american kids like i was in the states. 10,20,30 years later still looking over our shoulder. In my case at 12 lived in foster homes, i was taken away from my mother and sent to germany to my aunt by court order because my mother was not fit to mother . Sent back with a vistors visa at 15. By leaving i lost out in the amnesty that i would have qualified for if the court did not send me to germany to live with my family. My family could not offer me with out the money my mother promised. Anyway wah wah wah. I guess i don't believe in being made to get married to become a citzen of a country that is the only country i know and call mine.

Welcome solutions to simliar situations.


Damn Mexicans said...

If I were you, I would talk to a lawyer. You are fortunate to have entered legally and there are a few options open to you. Marriage as one and if you have any U.S. citizen relatives, they may be able to spnor you but waring this takes anywhere from 4-20 years. Make sure to double check any advice a lawyer gives you with the websites listed above. Immigration lawyers are not all equal.

You may qualfiy for the DREAM Act. This bill has not passed yet but advocates are hoping it will by as soon as 2009. A good resource is the DREAM Act Portal ( The last version of the DREAM Act had an age cut off at 30 but previous versions did not have an upper age limit. Immigration advocates for children are fighting for no age limit. We should be more embarrassed by your situation where we neglected you as a child and then are now turning our backs on you as an adult. Other than information on the DREAM Act, many people there are fairly knowledgeable on many avenues of immigration help for immigrnats brought here as children.

I hope this helps and again, I'm sorry for the situation you are in. We should be embarrassed that our society forgot about you. Do post your story at both and and I am sure members will come to your aid.

yave said...

In response to your post, DM, I tried to put together a comprehensive page of legal resources for immigrants here.

Query: You have good things to say about the message board you linked to in the post--what has your experience been with it? I may have to check it out ... the ones I've seen have not impressed me.

Looks like I should add the Dream Act Portal to the list. If you come across any other resources, please let me know in comments to the post linked to above or at the Citizen Orange email. Thanks!

Damn Mexicans said...

These two forums are mostly helpful in making sure your lawyer knows what they're doing and how not be scammed by one. Most people use them as "does this seem right to you?" type of resource.

The DREAM Act Portal is helpful for college bound immigrants for advice from those who have successfully done it themselves.It is also somewhat helpful for people looking to adjust making sure their lawyer is giving them the correct advice.

They aren't substitutes for lawyers (although many at navigate the process just fine without a lawyer) but more of a safety net/support group.

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Anonymous said...

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