Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Notable Undocumented Immigrants

This list is not comprehensive, if you know of someone, let us know.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger - Governor of California

2) John Derbyshire - blogger for the Conservative Publication The National Review

3) Alda V. Domenici -The Mother of Republican U.S. Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico

4)Ayann Hirsi Ali - Member of Dutch Parliment, 2005 Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential Persons of the World

5) Fionnula Flanagan -Emmy Winning Actress

6) California Republican Party Official - also a prominent D.C. Lobbyist

7) Mitt Romney's Family

8) ALFREDO QUINONES-HINOJOSA - neurosurgeon and researcher at Johns Hopkins University looking for a breakthrough in the treatment of brain cancer. Named in Popular Science magazine's annual brilliant 10 list.

9)American Idol Contestants (And no. they aren't the Hispanic ones)

Eddie Sotelo - Spanish Radio DJ, His show beats Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Tom Joyner every weekday morning, according to Arbitron ratings.

11) Leo Manzano - U.S. Olympian in the 1500 Meter Run

12) Cesar Millan - Prominent Dog Trainer with his own show on national Geographic (The Dog Whisper ), had a south park episode depicting him.


Fash said...

There's Piolin (Eddie Sotelo), who hosts the most popular radio show in the country. Here's his wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_%22Piol%C3%ADn%22_Sotelo
(which looks like some anti-migrant editor has had a go at it, by the way)

Also, there's the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesar_Millan#American_journey

Alex said...

Thanks for the link

Damn Mexicans said...

Thanks for additions fash!