Wednesday, March 19, 2008

English Only On School Buses

State and national civil liberties advocates have compelled a rural Nevada school district to roll back a policy prohibiting high school students from speaking Spanish on the bus.

The guideline was approved at an October school board meeting and affected about a dozen children from Hispanic families who ride a school bus more than an hour each way between Dyer, in Esmeralda County, and Tonopah High School, over the Nye County line. Most of the Hispanic children are from immigrant families drawn to the area to work its cattle ranches and alfalfa farms.

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This policy shows how ignorant people are. Children are learning English!! It is very easy for children (far, far, easier) to pick up new languages than adults. Go to any immigrant community and try to find a child who has grown up here that doesn't speak English fluently. They don't exist!

You know who thinks children of immigrants don't speak English, people who don't know any children of immigrants. I'm sure some of them know that these kids speak English in addition to Spanish but their bigotry against Spanish speakers got the better of them. God forbid we have kids that are bi-lingual.

On another note
When did it become acceptable for elected officials to target children in their hate mongering? What is this country coming to?

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blackstone said...

Again, you are opening my eyes to alot of injustice that is going on in America. Thank you so much for this blog and keep it up