Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Suggestions and Tips

Please leave any suggestions or tips you may have for the Damn Mexicans blog here.


mariaarch said...

Orale - a juicy tip for you.

The ACLU obtained a government "defense manual" that pushed the Postville meat packing workers through rushed guilty pleas. We don't know much about the origins of the manual but thought it should be made public.


Damn Mexicans said...

Thanks, here's the post if you're interested.

Don said...

We have created a new website for immigrants and potential immigrants to the US from Spanish speaking countries at

We would appreciate a mention/link on your site and of course contributions (content) are always welcome.

Damn Mexicans said...

Don, sorry it took so long. I had to track down a contributor to this blog that spoke Spanish. The link is up and when they get time, they'll do a post about your site as well.

ShannonM said...

Hi - My name is Shannon M. and I'm with Farmworker Justice. I’m sending around some news that broke late Monday night affecting the migrant farmworkers who harvest the food on our tables; Bush, in an unsurprising move, is pushing forward last minute changes to the H-2A agricultural guestworker program before he leaves office. Cutting wages and removing government oversight are just a couple of the adjustments that will undermine the rights of foreign and domestic farmworkers alike. Take a look at The Sanctuary’s post (;jsessionid=8F887A0498129A0C9F4E1BDC6B62D3B2?diaryId=532) or see the Farmworker Justice homepage ( for information on exactly how the administration is cheating farmworkers of basic rights. Feel free to cross-link or write your own blurb.

Shannon M.

Damn Mexicans said...

It's up Shannon, thanks for the tip!

Barb Howe said...

Here's an important story we think people should know about.

As you may know the Bush Administration recently revealed its final changes to the nation’s agricultural guestworker program, slashing wages and worker protections for those who harvest our nation’s food crops. These changes will put farmworkers in this country back more than 60 years.

The new regulations will be finalized in the Federal Register tomorrow (Thursday) making them official. They will slash wage rates for both U.S. and foreign workers, reduce employers’ obligations to recruit U.S. workers for these jobs before hiring vulnerable guestworkers, and cut vital worker protections.

The New York Times, the Miami Herald and the LA Times all recently published editorials condemning the actions (see links below). Key Congressional leaders have spoken out against them (see our post, Congressional leaders condemn “11th hour swipe at farm workers’).

Would you consider writing about this issue on your blog or publishing a guest post by Farmworker Justice? I’ve attached a 2 page summary of the changes and how they’ll hurt farmworkers.

We must stop these harmful changes or hundreds of thousands of working families could be hurt. Encourage your readers to sign an online petition sponsored by the United Farm Workers (UFW), calling on the Obama Administration to overturn the changes as soon as possible, and contact their Congressional representatives to ask they take action to stop these changes.

I can send you a guest post and links if you want or answer anyquestions you might have. Tons of info on it on our website (below)
Barb Howe
Communications Coordinator
Farmworker Justice
1126 16th St NW
Washington DC 20036
202.293.5420 ext.307

Andrea Merida said...

Hi folks! I'm not sure how to contact you, but I'm hoping you can do me a favor and update the link for Liberal Latina on your blogroll.

The URL should be

Thank you!

Damn Mexicans said...