Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Immigrant Saves Boy in Desert

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The vast majority of immigrants are good people but we never hear about them in the media, just the small number of criminals that come through.
The guy probably used up all his life savings to pay for the coyote to bring him across just so he could feed his family back in Mexico. Just when he got to the promised land he gave it all up to save the boy. This doesn't surprise me. Anyone who would risk their life crossing that desert to clean the toilets of people who vilify him for his family's sake has to have a big heart.
The immigrant's name.......... Jesus. Not kidding.

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Fash said...

I feel so sorry for that kid. If USCIS doesn't care much about Jesus himself, I wonder if they'll consider the impact losing both father, mother, and then seeing the man that saved his life punished, will have on the kid.