Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Immigrants are Good for the Economy

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Survey of Top Economists

These are the full poll results:

On balance, what effect has 20th-century immigration had on the
nation's economic growth?

Economists (percent)

Very favorable 80

Slightly favorable 20

Slightly unfavorable --

Very unfavorable --

Don't know --

What level of immigration would have the most favorable impact on
the U.S. standard of living?

Economists (percent)

More 63

Same number 30

Fewer 0

Don't know 7

Do you feel that recent immigrants are qualitatively different in
economic terms than immigrants in past years?

Economists (percent)

More negative impact 11

About the same impact 76

More positive impact 4

Don't know 9

What impact does illegal immigration in its current magnitude
have on the U.S. economy?

Economists (percent)

Illegals have a positive impact 74

Illegals have a neutral impact 11

Illegals have a negative impact 11

Don't know 4

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Fash said...

Great find. The Cato Institute has a ton of great information, although what you posted is from the late 80s, so the current response might be different. I don't think so, though. Here's a great paper on the economic cost of stemming illegal immigration from early this year. It's kind of long, but very interesting (in bits and pieces...I'm not an economist).

Lal said...

Yes, and Cato giving out fave immigration stats is rocking because it is not a left-wing institute :)