Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Council on Foreign Relations

In the anti-immigration crowd there has been chatter about the CFR and demonizing any politician who dares be a member. Hate to break it to you but Lou Dobbs substitute anchor Kitty Pilgrim is a member. Try wrapping that around your head.

For the rest of you
Here is link to their to their site. If you get time check out the link regarding immigration.


yave said...

Check out the page detailing CFR's membership requirements--it's like Skull and Bones or the Illuminati or something. Spooky.

It's impossible to take Pilgrim seriously because she can't say the word "China" without prefacing it with "red" or "communist." My wife and I were busting up as a captive audience at the airport last week. It's so hilariously blatantly politicized, but also it's funny that she takes her job so seriously, spewing that partisan "independent" cant without cracking a smile. Watching CNN really does make you dumber, it's a scientific fact.

The immigration paper comes down modestly on the side of immigration permissiveness. Its main flaw is an unduly corporate, American-focused perspective, but that's a requisite for any "serious" (in the Yglesias/Atrios "serious foreign policy thinker" mold) commentator on immigration to get published. I've seen worse.

If this modest endorsement of current immigration patterns has the antis up in arms, they've really gone 'round the bend. And targeting CFR is like targeting the U.S. government or the board of Citibank--it's all the same damn people. I guess that's the point of the antis' so-called populism. Yet they don't realize these are also the people who run the U.S. military juggernaut they worship so dutifully. They love their masters but hate them too--it's like Gollum and his Precious, but at least Gollum knew what he was dealing with. The antis are rather pathetically unaware of their situation.

Damn Mexicans said...

I found this quote
"The CFR is for globalism, not national sovereignty. "

The anti-immigration crowd thinks that the CFR has been involved in a conspiracy to rig all the presidential elections so only their members win.

I think it may be traced backed to FAIR eventually because FAIR has successfully spread ridiculous conspiracy theories in the past. Including the bogus claim that Mexico has set its sights on “reconquering” the Southwest and the notion of a secret plot to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico aka North American Union.