Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deporting a Doctor and His Wife After 20yrs

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"Immigrants Pedro and Salvacion Servano have been model U.S. residents since arriving from the Philippines in the 1980s.

Pedro Servano, 54, is a prominent family doctor in an underserved area of central Pennsylvania. His 51-year-old wife runs a grocery store and bakery.

But a change in their marital status during their visa application process more than two decades ago has come back to haunt them, and now they are facing possible deportation back to the Philippines."

Letters of support to the government have poured in from local dignitaries, Servano's patients and even someone from the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees ICE.

"I fervently believe in the ICE mission. However, the Servanos did not sneak into this country illegally, they have broken no laws, and they have not been a burden to the economy. They pose no threat," DHS counterterrorism operative Bill Schweigart wrote in a letter obtained by The Daily Item of Sunbury. "I cannot fathom how deporting the Servanos fulfills any portion of the ICE mission. In fact, I would argue the action runs counter to it."

They have to leave at the end of the year.

This is so depressing.


Fash said...

Wow. This happens, too, when people apply for a fiance visa and then get married while they wait and have to start over again. I suppose it saves some paperwork to make such restrictions, but after 20 years when all the paperwork is done, it's just petty.

Anonymous said...

Nakakahiya! This is a disgrace to all Pilipinos who legally emigrated and have followed the law even if it is difficult and frustrating at times. Magpapalusot pa kasi! Nasa States na pero style unggoy pa rin ang ginagamit. Nagmamaangmaangan pa! It was never an honest mistake since they keep on waving the issue that he is a doctor and he did not know this detail? Too many shortcuts in their lives! Shame on them for making this a race issue. What are they showing their children & grandchildren that it is okay to circumvent the law based on personal selfish intentions? To all you so called supporters, please do not use race as an issue. Open your eyes and see the truth since this is not a race issue but rather a breaking the law and law enforcent issue!

Damn Mexicans said...

No one is making this a race issue. I don't know why you would think that.
Those are their children not grandchildren. As you can clearly see deporting these people would harm them as well as the community he serves. Think about how much money the government spent on trying to deport a hard working tax paying benifit to society. It goes against all logic and common decency. The government loves to talk about how they lack the resources for this and that but when it comes to things like this they don't think twice about dropping tens of thousands of dollars on one couple. It's such a waste of tax payer money.