Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Immigrants and the Arizona Economy

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"In construction alone, Judith Gans of the University of Arizona has estimated that a 15 percent cut in the state's immigrant workforce would result in direct losses of about 56,000 jobs and some $6.6 billion in economic output. The direct loss to state tax revenue would be approximately $270 million. The study, and others like it, including in Texas, refute the arguments that illegal immigrants are an overall burden on state economies because of the education, health care and other services they require; in fact they contribute heavily to economic growth."

You know what, I'm going to tell Juidth Gans, her PhD, and years of experience studying the Arizona Economy to shove it. I'm putting my faith in what TV and radio talk show personalities say.

Have no fear Arizona, your economy is for the most part safe............your immigrants are another story.

Reasonable suspicions exist that many companies will continue hiring and paying illegal workers off the books to evade the law's sanctions, which may give rise to a sizable underground economy and encourage exploitation of vulnerable workers."

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Fash said...

And that's what will happen. Fewer immigrants will be taxed, they will be exploited, and they will live in constant fear, but many who have become established and have been living there for years will not leave. It's like how all the increased border security has done has been to drive people to cross through dangerous areas and risk death. These people don't understand that you can't solve a complex problem like this with a spanking.