Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Immigration Investigator Harbors Undocumented Girlfriend

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A top investigator in the internal affairs office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services has been convicted of harboring an illegal immigrant who was his girlfriend. The investigator, Lloyd W. Miner, 49, of Centreville, was convicted by a jury at the federal courthouse in Alexandria. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. His girlfriend, originally from Mongolia, was also convicted of conspiracy to commit identification fraud. At the time of his arrest this year, Mr. Miner was the assistant chief of internal affairs investigations for Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of the Department of Homeland Security

You know an immigration system is broken when it's own employees can't find legal paths for their significant others.


Bigchief said...

What was he arrested for? Just for letting her live with him?

Fash said...

Huh. I wasn't aware that Virginia had a harboring law like Oklahoma. Does it? I've seen a lot from VA, but not that one.

While I feel sorry for his girlfriend, it disturbs me when immigration officials turn out to be in relationships with immigrants. It requires a twisted mine to spend all day deporting people, and then coming back home to your SO who is in the same situation. I also don't understand the women who enter into these relationships. Maybe they think these guys will be more successful in helping them? I would be afraid they would turn me in if something went wrong in our relationship.

It's actually pretty widespread, too. Here's an article about cross-status relationships involving border control agents. It says something about it being on the level of white collar crime, so I think the problem may be not that he was 'harboring' her, in itself, but that he was harboring her AND he was an immigration official.

It really is messed up, though. Poor woman.

Amendment-1 said...

I think when immigration officials get involved with an undocumented immigrant, that is probably the worst thing that can happen. Mr. Miner, should of used better judgment, unless, he thought he could of gotten away with it.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is pretty sad. The immigration system is broke, I would face that reality later on myself.

Damn Mexicans said...

It's illegal for government officials in charge of enforcing immigration laws (ICE, Border Patrol, USCIS )to harbor undocumented immigrants. Unless I'm mistaken, no such law exists except in Oklahoma and even there, there is no enforcement of the provision because 1/4 of the state would be guilty and many without even knowing it.