Friday, December 14, 2007

Understanding FAIR

I've been reading several posts by some anti-immigration "activists" regarding FAIR and am shocked at how little they know about an organization in which they are a memeber.

First, FAIR is opposed to ALL types of immigration Legal and Illegal alike.

They are even opposed to Indian & Filipino doctors coming here to practice in under served areas. They are opposed to Chinese researchers who are looking for a cure for cancer immigrating here and millionaire South American businessmen coming here to start new a business.

Why are they opposed to immigrants such as these?
We all know the answer to that.
That is only one of the reasons why they are a hate group.

Care for more reasons?
  • Accepted funding from the Pioneer Fund
  • Staff members at FAIR have ties to white supremacist groups.
  • FAIR has successfully spread ridiculous conspiracy theories, including the bogus claim that Mexico has set its sights on “reconquering” the Southwest and the notion of a secret plot to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • A top FAIR official met with the leaders of a Belgian racist and xenophobic group to seek the Europeans’ “advice” on immigration.


Swim said...

This is especially worrisome because of how often FAIR has been mentioned, quoted, etc in mainstream media in the year 2007 -I can't remember the exact number of times, but it's a lot.

Fash said...

Agreed, swim...This is the problem in the media. They legitimize these groups by giving them airtime, and it's not just fair, it's most of these prominent groups which have these kinds of connections. Most are under the umbrella of Papa Tanton. I wouldn't be surprised to see whoever heads VDARE appear as a guest on the news at some point.