Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wonkette Calls out Tancredo

Wonkette the DC blog is calling out how ridiculous this country has gotten in allowing Tancredo to air this blatantly bigoted ad.

My favorite comments:

Image of J.D.Regent BY J.D.REGENT AT 04:48 PM

Look, I'm not trying to get anyone deported who might seem like they don't belong, but actually belongs, but doesn't Tom look a touch... ethnic to anyone else? Tancredo totally ends in a vowel too. Someone had to say it.

Image of Cape Clod BY CAPE CLOD AT 05:35 PM

Why don't we just execute all the illegals and build a wall at the border using their rotting corpses? That would discourage any more interlopers.

I imagine that every time that ad runs, another thirty thousand Hispanics register as Democrats.

Special thanks to another DC resident. To the anonymous congressional staffer who posted the story about Tancredo hiring undocumented immigrants on The Capitolist. Too bad you're anonymous, otherwise I'd have to buy you a beer.


Fash said...

"What do you see as the most effective enforcement type tools that can stem this surge?

Employer sanctions, undeniably. Employers today create the magnet that draws millions of people into the country illegally. The fact that we do nothing about it encourages, of course, more people to do it, which continues the circle."

So I guess he'll punish himself, right?

dtmya said...
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dtmya said...

dtmya said...

Hey! Show some respect. Tom Tancredo and Mitt Romney helped write these laws and thus are above them.

Some eye rolling and...........

To all you immigrants desperate to feed your families, I'm sorry you put up with what a joke American politics are.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

Tancredo is just running for president to spread his racism.

He knows if he's just some congressman from Colorado he's not gonna get any media attention, but since he's running for president he gets a lot of media coverage.