Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oklahoma's Anti-immigration Climate

Oklahoma used to have a positive view of migrants. They even allowed children who grew up in Oklahoma but did not have legal status to pay in-state tuition. Last year that all changed and the new climate in Oklahoma made it possible for a harsh new law regrading migrants known as bill number number 1804. However, some of the harshest consequences of this new climate have been felt by innocent US Citizens.

Recently a 2 month old baby died as result of the hostile climate put forth by measures such as 1804.

Edgar Castorena was sick and his undocumented parents had nowhere to turn. If they took him to the hospital, they could be taken in and deported. So they waited, when Edgar did not become better his parents made a difficult choice and took him in anyways knowing they would be deported and Edgar would be either be destined to a life of extreme poverty in Mexico with them or as an orphan in the U.S. foster care system. Sadly, Edgar would not live to face either fate. It was too late and he passed away soon after being taken to a medical facility. If his parents had been able to take him to a hospital at the first sign of illness like most other parents without fear of losing their son or giving him a future in extreme poverty Edgar would have lived.

Last year we heard about a U.S. citizen who was arrested on felony charges under 1804 for giving her boyfriend who happened to be an undocumented immigrant a ride.
Here is the definition of a felony if you don't know:
A serious crime usually punishable by a prison term of more than one year.

Prison time for giving your boyfriend a ride and death for being born to undocumented parents. What happened to people's sense of justice?

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