Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sanctuary Policies -Keeping Everyone Safe

To many politicians sanctuary city is a dirty phrase. In a reality, a sanctuary policy in most cities includes an ordinance that forbids police officers from looking into the immigration status of victims and witnesses, not the criminals themselves.

If you have a rapist or murderer on the loose, you don't want a crime victim to remain hidden. Not only for their sake but for the community at large which would not be alerted of the predator preying on their city. It's still beyond me why anyone would be opposed to this.

Call and see and if your city has a sanctuary police policy. If it doesn't look into lobbying local officials and a community education initiative. Public safety should always be a top priority, no matter how you may feel about immigration.

Here is an article about a witness who discovered a body and reported it in Newark. The police then proceeded to question his immigration status even though he was not in any ways a suspect. You can see why a sanctuary ordinance is needed and in fact it was in place for Newark but untrained police officers acted inappropriately. Imagine the crimes that went unreported, the criminals that got off the hook because of victims and witnesses that were terrified of coming forward after this story broke.

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yave said...

Also, when people know there is a population that won't go to the police no matter what you do, that instantly makes them a target for crime. And that is what has happened--most crime against immigrants goes unreported, probably even in sanctuary cities. I believe that's the case in New York where I live, one of the biggest sanctuary cities. But it would be much worse without the sanctuary laws.