Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrations, Eye Rolls, and Plain Disgust

I think we should all acknowledge the supreme court ruling that reaffirmed birth right citizenship. This has been vital in fighting racism and xenophobia that has run rampant in American History. Click here for more information on the case.

On to the eye rolls.
Lou Dobbs Almost Makes Hilarious Racist Old Man Slip-Up from the Wonkette.


The KKK is still growing in numbers and fear of immigrants seems to be the main reason. Click here for the report from the ADL.


Symsess said...

You're right. Those that want to remove birthright citizenship are truly a deplorable bunch so we must show gratitude for the judges that have upheld it.

The nativists would make it a whole lot easier for us if they'd just admit what they really thought. I guess little 'slips' like this help us out a bit. It was obvious Lou knew he made a mistake.

Thanks for this great post.

Lal said...

I cant even begin to grasp what part of the 14th Amendment these people don't understand.

Argh. It is unquestionable that people born here are citizens who are NOT deportable.