Saturday, March 1, 2008

John McCain's a DREAMer (of sorts)

Thousands of American children grow up believing they are American only to find out that because they weren't born here, it doesn't matter how American or patriotic they are, or even that they don't remember their birth country. The government does not recognize them as Americans. We call them DREAMers (after the DREAM Act).

John McCain can honestly say he can relate (a little) to what it feels like to have a technicality such as birth place determine if he is American enough ( in this case to be our president).

Have no fear John, Barack Obama sponsored a bill that would allow children of service members born abroad to still qualify for the American presidency just for John. Obama himself has been hit recently with fear politics trying to paint him as a foreigner. McCain recently distanced himself from a supporter who constantly brought up Obama's middle name (Hussein) in an attempt to portray him as a Muslim terrorist (obviously, he isn't either). If these two are our nominees, I will be very proud of my country.

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