Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Do I Have To Push "1" For English?

A woman recently asked Presidential Candidate John McCain why she has to press "1" for English. It's something I hear quite often. Who are you people that your biggest problem/issue revolves around pushing "1" for English? Damn, I want your life.

I only speak English and the other contributers to this blog will waste no time in telling you even that's up for debate. I understand that people want to learn English but English is hard to learn as an adult and it takes time. Most new immigrants work well over the 40 hour work week and don't have the time or the money for English classes. So they often have to learn on their own and it's no easy task. I don't see how blocking their access to important information is doing any good.

Unlike the anti-immigration advocates, I don't get offended when I hear people speaking another language at the mall on the weekends. After all, it's their day off with their family, they can speak any language they want. I have my own family to focus on.

The point is, get a life.


justice said...

Perhaps you want to log into this website. It is a company that wants to spread the word so that everyone can remember that the USA is a country formed by immigrants. Make sure that you read the about us page. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

You are right it is not an easy task to learn a foreign language i would like to see any of those guys going and live in a foreing country and learn a differente culture and language. I am latino i have been living here in the usa for almost 10 years and i learned english at college and I am still have troubles with it. so i am agree with you i dont get offended when american people go to my country and speak english this is just bs. like you said i dont get offended when not american people talk in their native languague.

Anonymous said...

hahahah, what kind of people get offended at others speaking their native language to each other? i'm going to europe this week, and if people hate on me for talking english in their country with my friends, they're idiots.