Sunday, July 27, 2008

NC Attroney General Does A 180

"In a reversal of its former advice, the state Attorney General's Office said Friday that no law bars illegal immigrants from community colleges.

But it's not clear when or whether those illegally in the United States will again be admitted to North Carolina's 58 community colleges.

Scott Ralls, president of the Community College System, said Friday that its board must decide whether to allow students who cannot prove legal status. He made no promises, even though he and members of the board have said in the past that they would like to admit illegal immigrants."

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Let's make one thing clear, these students would pay out of state tuition. First, it's not their fault they are undocumented, most were brought here at a young age though no choice of their own and most importantly it's not going to cost the state any money and a large number of these students stay and adjust into legal status and eventually become citizens. The state needs to decide now if they want well educated productive citizens in 5- 10 years or citizens with no job skills. It's not going to cost anything now but if they don't allow them in, it sure will in 10 years when those same kids are citizens.


The Watchman said...

You mean Willie is losing his grip in North Carolina?

Well no wonder he's going all out to self-promote himself, asking his supporters to spam hundreds of sites on the internet with "Newspapers Go Wild for Gheen"

hooper said...

You make too much sense Ted. I think many states are starting to follow the anti-immigrant fad, it's definately going to hurt them in the long run. Even now for that matter.

The Watchman said...

Gheen is a shameless self-promoter, and Gheen's message "NC Newspapers Go Wild for Gheen!" spammed across about 300 web sites is just one more example.

Mooneyham was spot on about ALIPAC.US xenophobia. A search of Gheen's web site using the terms "deport them all" and "attrition enforcement" which Gheen claims showed there are ten times more posts (almost 8,000!) using the term "deport them all" than "attrition enforcement." Clearly ALIPAC's membership has a different opinion than Gheen claims.

Also on Gheen's web site, there are abundant examples of bigotry towards Hispanics and immigrants, even posts promoting violence, where Gheen himself found the idea of paying a bounty of $5,000 to "rednecks with shotguns" on the head of every illegal immigrant to be "humorous." Well most conservatives including myself don't find that "humorous." I find the idea rather revolting and not in line with conservative and American values. Notice that Gheen never removed these posts promoting violence, though he also claims his web site does not tolerate any discussion of violence, guns, etc.?

You can find a collection of actual ALIPAC.US bigotry at:

I have reviewed every one of ALIPAC.US's financial reports to the FEC, which prove Mooneyham's claim that ALIPAC.US is mostly about promoting Gheen rather than candidates. You can find every report ALIPAC.US ever filed at:

Political action committees are supposed to help candidates who support the PAC's views get elected, but in 2007 ALIPAC.US did not make a single contribution to a candidate's campaign committee, and in 2006 ALIPAC.US made only two contributions totaling $1,500.

For an organization that takes in over $100,000 per year, most of the contributions go towards Gheen's salary, travel expenses, expensive media consultants, etc.

Even more surprising, for an organization that claims their concerns about immigration are about the 'rule of law', their FEC reports show that not a penny of employer taxes was paid or withheld from wages until April of 2008. How can ALIPAC.US throw rocks at illegal immigrants, claiming they don't pay taxes, when they do, through payroll deduction like the rest of us (except ALIPAC for several years)?

Under federal law, ALIPAC is required to make full disclosure of all contributions of over $200, but FEC has been alleging ALIPAC.US has not met the reporting requirements of federal election law.

Here's three recent letters ALIPAC.US wrote to the FEC refusing to fully comply with federal law requiring full disclosure of contributions over $200!

Now ALIPAC.US is in serious trouble with the FEC, which is threatening ALIPAC.US with heavy fines for continually failing to obey federal campaign finance laws:
Oh course Gheen continues to claim ALIPAC.US is straight with the FEC and federal tax and campaign finance laws.

So what happened to the 'rule of law' ALIPAC is always whining about when it comes to undocumented immigrants? Doesn't ALIPAC need to follow the 'rule of law' just like everyone else?

When will these people understand that illegal is illegal?
What part of "illegal" they don't understand?