Friday, July 11, 2008

What is wrong with this country?

This is Allie Mulvihill a 15 year old from Allentown, Pennslyvania . She was adopted from Guatemla by her parents at the age of 2 and since then USCIS has been trying to deport the girl.

No one but the USCIS (present day INS) is challenging Allie's adoption. Not the Guatmealn Goverment nor anyone but USCIS. Allie will soon be 16 and it may be too late for the adoption to be recognized. She will join the ranks of DREAMers across the country.

Allie has lived in this country since she was 2, she knows no other country. Her family is here, it's cruel and inhumane to try to deport her to a forgein country.

Allie is part of a growing number of DREAMers with citizen parents. Many like Allie, had adoptions that went wrong or aged out when their parents become LPRs and then citizens.

The DREAM Act Portal is full of people who were raised by U.S. citizens but are without a status. Allie go to to find other people in the same situation as you. You may find it helps in knowing you're not alone. They can also provide help in applying and attending college as an undocumented student.

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