Sunday, September 21, 2008

George Allen Sent to Encourage Minority GOP Participation?

What was the KKK busy?

It's as though they are intentionally trying to sabotage the party.

Finally -- real minority outreach from the GOP. The Virginia Republicans have a big rally coming up this Saturday that's designed to reach out to minority voters in Fairfax County.

Guess who is one of the featured speakers?
George Allen. Yes, that George Allen.

We checked in with the state GOP to ask if Allen is really an effective front-man for the party's efforts to win over minorities, given the "macaca" scandal.

First the party goes after immigrants and Republican voters reject that approach by nominating John McCain. Then the dimwits create a party platform that will make the most conservative immigrant register as a Democrat. Now George Allen who doesn't think you can possibly be a real American if you don't have white skin is sent out for minority outreach. I'm taking bets on how long this party can survive.

FYI: Think back to 2006, George Allen is the confederate flag loving former Senator from Virgina who "welcomed" an American citizen of Indian ancestry to Virgina and America and called him a derogatory name. The person in question unlike Allen was a native Virginian who was born in the U.S.. It was later found that Allen used more racially offensive terms in college and was ashamed of his mother's Jewish background. A winner on so many levels. Kudos to Virgina for kicking him out.

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David Duke was already booked...