Monday, October 27, 2008

Senator Stevens - Seven Time Convicted Felon Has No Sympathy for Law Breaking Toddlers

Senator Stevens is a law man. A year ago Stevens even voted to punish children for the actions of others by voting against the DREAM Act. According to Stevens, those toddlers should have known better when they were being carried across the border.

Anyways, Stevens was found guilty of not one but SEVEN felonies today. Yet, he expects everyone to ignore this and let him continue doing his job of making laws. He's asking for......what's the word I'm looking for? Am-something.......Amnesia? Amnesic?...wait AMNESTY.

It's safe to assume a toddler who is carried across the border or a 5 year old who overstays his visa is innocent. They most likely had no idea what was happening and even if they did, they have no say over the action. Yet Senator Stevens keeps referring to these kids as criminals. Unauthorized presence in the U.S. is not a crime, and crossing the border as a child is not a crime. Under no definition of the criminal justice system are these children guilty, yet they face the punishment and jail time in detention facilitates which are known to sexually and physically abuse minors.

Senator Stevens on the other hand is guilty of knowingly committing an actual crime, 7 felonies.Yet Stevens wants amnesty for his crimes. If he has the nerve to ask for amnesty for his seven felonies. I think he should find it in his heart to give it to innocent children who aren't guiltily of any crimes.

Stevens, you are not above the law. You were not a child when you violated U.S. laws and you knew perfectly well what was happening. You have a pretty strict interpretation of the law when it comes to poor immigrant children, I guess you're more forviging when it comes to corrupt U.S. Senators.

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