Sunday, November 16, 2008

Facebook's Board of Directors Member Gives $1 Million to Anti-Immigration Group

According to Valleywag Peter Thiel who is one of Facebook's biggest investors and a member of their board of directors just donated $1 Million dollars to the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA is opposed to all types of immigrants including the majority of legal immigrants.

Join the Facebook group to hold Peter Thiel accountable by publicly denouncing NumbersUSA or stepping down from Facebook's board of directors.

It should go without saying that members of this group should not click on any ads on Facebook and should opt-out of social ads:

"settings" -> "privacy settings" -> "news feed and wall" -> "social ads"-> "No One"

Update: Peter Thiel also coauthored a book, "The Diversity Myth", which argues that "multiculturalism" is used to promote intolerance on campuses. Is this guy serious?

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Anonymous said...

Who will pick your fruit and clean your baby's diapers for $5 an hour?