Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exactly How Crazy Are The Nativists?

It turns out, pretty crazy.

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ALIPAC Apprentice 2

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I would expect nothing less from an illegal alien who was awarded the highest office in the land. If he wants another civil war to happen, he's doing all the right things to get it started!

Where's Quigly when you need him!

This is what one nativist had to say about President Elect Obama who they claim is not a natural born citizen and how he should be dealt with. Notice the talk of an upcoming civil war, it's a common belief held by many white supremacists that there will be a race war. Yes, and the organization that this person belongs to claims to be one of the moderate voices in the nativist movement. The sad part is, they're right.

FYI, Quigly references the sharp shooter from the Western movie Quigley Down Under
For the sake of President Elect Obama, there better be secret service watching that woman.

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Somfolnalco said...

gosh. is so frustrating to see that this is what we're up against: ignorance.