Sunday, February 8, 2009

True Life: I'm Coming To America

On this episode of True Life we follow the lives of two young people as they adjust to life in America.

If you have trouble viewing the episode you can also watch it here.


Anonymous said...

I randomly found your blog after stumbling upon Wild Chihuahuas. You are doing a wonderful service. I am currently getting my PhD at Washington University in St. Louis, and my research is on the psychiatric epidemiology of mental disorders in Mexican immigrants. I could give you tons of empirical data that might even make that sack of shit Lou Dobbs stop talking for a second. Actually, that would be too good to be true lol

SO the link to that site about Lou Dobbs (I hate even typing that fucker's name) is dead. Do you know where it might have moved?

Again, AWESOME site!

Mexico said...

I am a Canadian who lives in Mexico. I have grown to love this country and the people.
The hate that I see in some on the other side of the boarder both angers and saddens me. Keep educating the people about the true facts!!!

Damn Mexicans said...

Sorry Elian for the late response. I'm not 100% sure but I believe the lou dobbs site belongs to someone over at www.alipac.NET

Thanks for your comment "Mexico", let's hope rationality wins out over xenophobia.