Saturday, March 8, 2008

Minutemen Point To Leader's Asian Wife As Proof They're Not Bigots

Yes and segregationists were never attracted to black women.

Strom Thurmond's illegitimate black daughter has only nice things to say about her father. Does that not make him a bigot for running on as segregationist platform for the presidency? My Favorite scumbag of the moment John Derbyshire is also married to an Asian woman. Tell me he's not a bigot. Lou Dobbs wife is Hispanic and you tell me with a straight face he doesn't have it out for Hispanic culture. Mitt Romney's family used to be undocumented immigrants in Mexico and look at his immigration position now. Check out my self hate tag for people who used to be undocumented immigrants who now are responsible for the hate towards undocumented immigrants.

By the way, Lou Dobbs is married to a woman who disowns her Hispanic heritage.Don't get me wrong, that was her choice and who am I to judge. The only part of my heritage I still practice is eating the food. The difference between me and Debi is I don't hate my heritage or people who still speak the language, practice the religion or anything else I myself don't take part in.

Debi is just like Lou in her bigotry. Skin color is superficial and easy to accept, true tolerance occurs when you accept someone who is different from you socially and culturally. Debi may have the skin color as a someone who is culturally Hispanic but that doesn't mean she is really Hispanic. So Lou, you are still a bigot.

* To be fair Debi has more than a few screws loose, she was arrested for attempting to secretly bring a gun onto an airplane. Lou probably thinks all Hispanics are this crazy.

I found this story in SPLC's Nativism News, sign up for it. It's a good read.


CStanford said...

Just found your blog, and I really appreciate this post. You make a very good point about skin color vs. culture (language too!).

I think it's absurd that people equate "Hispanic" with brown skin, since there are cultural Hispanics of every color. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez wrote this on the subject:

Damn Mexicans said...

Thanks for the link. It's a good point no one ever brings up.