Saturday, March 8, 2008

Watch " Under the Same Moon " Early and for Free!

Promotional screenings are on a first-come, first-served basis and not guaranteed seating. No purchase necessary. Seating is limited to theater capacity. Click here to RSVP

Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMStudio Movie Grill, North Houston
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMManteca Marketplace Stadium, Manteca
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMMarcus Orland Park, Orland Park
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMHarkins Fiesta, Mesa
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMBianchi Paramount Stadium, Paramount
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMPaulson Plaza Theater, Atlanta
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMThe Clay, San Francisco
Wednesday, Mar 127:30 PMBrenden Palms, Las Vegas
Thursday, Mar 137:30 PMNational Amusements Whitestone , Bronx
Thursday, Mar 137:30 PMCinema Latino Ft. Worth, Fort Worth
Thursday, Mar 137:30 PMLandmark Esquire, Denver
Monday, Mar 177:30 PMAMC Sunset Place 24, South Miami
Tuesday, Mar 187:00 AMCentury El Con, Tucson
Tuesday, Mar 187:00 PMUltraStar Chula Vista, Chula Vista
Tuesday, Mar 187:00 PMCentury Rio, Albuquerque
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMAlamo Drafthouse - West Oaks Mall, Houston
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMRegal Gallery Place, Washington
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMHarkins North Valley, Phoenix
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMSantikos Embassy, San Antonio
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMMetropolitan Park Twin Theatres, Huntington Park
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMSierra Vista Cinemas, Clovis
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMMarcus Gurnee Mills , Gurnee
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMCity Cinemas 86th Street, New York
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMHarkins Southlake Town Square, Southlake
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMLefont Sandy Springs , Atlanta
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMGalaxy Cannery, North Las Vegas
Tuesday, Mar 187:30 PMThe Roxie, San Francisco
Tuesday, Apr 017:30 PMDobie Theater, Austin
Wednesday, Apr 027:00 PMOak Tree Cinemas, Seattle
Wednesday, Apr 027:00 PMAMC Loews Boston Common, Boston
Wednesday, Apr 027:00 PMCinemark Eastport, Portland

Wednesday, Apr 027:00 PMOak Tree Cinemas, Seattle
Wednesday, Apr 027:30 PMRitz Five, Philadelphia

Click here for more on the movie.


David said...

If the free viewings are first come first served, then why do we have to RSVP?

Damn Mexicans said...

They give out more tickets than there are seats because they assume some people will order them and not show up. So RSVP to get the tickets and show up early to make sure you have a seat. In most cases there isn't usually a seating problem.