Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kidding Ourselves About Immigration - TIME

"Why are you so upset about this particular form of lawbreaking? After all, there are lots of laws, not all of them enforced with vigor. The suspicion naturally arises that the illegality is not what bothers you. What bothers you is the immigration. There is an easy way to test this. Reducing illegal immigration is hard, but increasing legal immigration would be easy. If your view is that legal immigration is good and illegal immigration is bad, how about increasing legal immigration? How about doubling it? Any takers? So in the end, this is not really a debate about illegal immigration. This is a debate about immigration."

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Codex said...

I couldn't agree more.

And it's not really about the immigration itself, but about xenophobia, would it be the same if white-looking immigrants were coming to the USA?
It's only like this because of the color of their skin, their different customs, and the way most immigrants keep their culture and "don't assimilate the American way of life".
America was built on different cultures, a culture is evolutionary, to stop it is to lie to yourself about the world.