Thursday, December 6, 2007

Poll: GOP Driving Hispanics Away With Anti-Immigration Push

"The Republicans' hard-line stance on illegal immigration has reversed the GOP's recent gains among Hispanic-American voters, whose loyalty to the Democratic Party has shot back up to the levels of the 1990s."

We all knew this was coming and it's only going to get worse from now on for the republicans unless they overwhelming and publicly challenge their fear mongering nativists party members.

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Fash said...

Worse? Man, this is the one good thing.

dtmya said...

For the republicans I mean. Maybe I should change the wording.

Pico said...

To which I say: Republicans, keep it up. I so love it when they shoot themselves in the head!

It's not going to be long before Arizona sees what our Mexican brothers and sisters contribute to our economy. Thanks to Russell Pearce's employer sanctions law, we'll see business after business closed down, mom-and-pop stores abandoned, restaurants slammed shut, and Mexicans leaving the state in droves. Then we'll watch in wonder as our tax base dwindles, our schools deteriorate, and our remaining businesses' share of the market shrinks to nada. Go, GOP!


Dan said...

Republicans didn't learn from the 2006 elections and its going to take another election for them to appreciate the Hispanic vote.
BTW thanks for linking me. I linked you as well.

elconejo said...

Republicans just don't realize the days of stepping on the backs immigrants to prove their conservative credentials are over.

I suspect after 2008 they will never do it again.