Friday, January 18, 2008

American Apparel

The top image is of the ad American Apparel placed in the NY times and the second is an image of the American Apparel factory. This is not surprising, after all American Apparel is run by Dov Charney an immigrant from Canada. It is refreshing to see people acknowledge their heritage and stand up for their fellow immigrants.

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American Apparel is something of a maverick in the industry when it comes to employee health and benefits. And the work environment is radically different, too. Every afternoon, workers take a 10-minute break for synchronized stretching exercises, and a team of massage therapists roams the factory floor to offer free neck rubs all day.

Earning twice the California minimum wage, employees get subsidized lunches, subsidized health insurance, free on-site English classes and free bus tokens -- even company bicycles to get to and from work. Charney likes to boast that American Apparel is "sweatshop free."

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yave said...

Seeing that article makes me hope that there is a generational divergence on views on immigration, and that young people today will reject the nativism of many of their parents and grandparents. But this could take awhile.

Also, nativism is like conservatism more generally--it regenerates itself with each succeeding generation. Even as cultural views trend left over time, generational cohorts trend right as they get older. I read somewhere that "a conservative is someone with something to lose" and it made sense to me. Just look at the baby boomers--they were all set to change the world but what mostly happened was the world changed them.