Friday, January 18, 2008

Tearing Families Apart

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Now Zekri "Zack" Paputchi, owner of The Old Mill Run Pizzeria in Sciota, is frantically fighting to stop the federal immigration officials from deporting his wife, Rukie, who, like Zack, is a native Bulgarian.

After nearly 16 years in this country, including 11 in Monroe County, she's under arrest, lodged in Pike County Jail and facing deportation. And after many years serving pizzas here, after the birth of two children in the United States and despite an unblemished record here.

After 16 years the government wants to uproot this woman and send her to a hostile nation. What is the point of this? This family owns a successful business and are raising 2 U.S. citizen children. What does the government have to benefit by tearing this family apart?

This reminds me of another case where the government went after a doctor and his wife after 20 years of building a life here. Click here for their story

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