Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Border State Republicans

Los Angeles Times / CNN / Politico -see Pg. 8

Asked of California Republicans
Regardless of your choice for president, which candidate do you think would be best at handling the
Immigration issues
McCain    32
Giuliani 18
Huckabee  13

Romney 21

Romney's hardliner stance is actually hurting him with republicans in California but
every time I turn on the TV there is some pundit saying the opposite. I think it's time people
stop living in lala land and look at the truth. Our immigration system is broken but we can't
fix it if we keep using immigrants as scapegoats for everything wrong with the country.
The American people realize it, so why can't the media and more specifically some of the candidates?

Independents and democrats tend to lean towards McCain and Giuliani's approaches to
handling immigration more so than even republicans so these numbers are actually skewed in Romney's
direction to begin with.

If you would like to know who national republicans think has the best approach to handle immigration
click here.


Mister T said...

I think this past week, all the remaining Republican candidates are moving right on immigration. At least that is the impression I received from their most recent debate.

Damn Mexicans said...

The anti-immigration crowd hates McCain more than anyone else, yet look who is in the lead. They don't have the numbers, just the media on their side. A lot of nativists have their own TV shows. The Candidates don't want Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity on TV making negatives statements about them. Even if the policy is supported by the majority of republicans.

I once heard someone say it's the passion, not the numbers that count. I think they're right.
Maybe the pro-immigrant side needs to be a little more vocal and have less of the "common sense will eventually prevail" type of attitude.