Friday, September 19, 2008

Republicans and Immigration - Take Note John McCain

Stop ignoring pro-immigrant Republicans! We got you this far, if you put fringe xenophobes ahead of the American people, you will have done more damage to your party than Tom Tancredo could have ever done on his own. Take a look at this Washington Post / ABC News Survey
16. (ASKED OF LEANED REPUBLICANS) Regardless of who you may support, who do you trust
most to handle (ITEM)?
Immigration issues
McCain    27
Giuliani 17
Huckabee  15

Romney 11
Thompson 9
If I were to rank the candidates on their views on immigraiton in terms of
rationality & unwillingness to succumb to immigrant bashing it would go as follows:


See a trend?
If you were to listen to the media or some of the republican candidates you would
come away thinking republicans are xenophobic bigots who hate all "foreigners".
This assumption is derogatory and the fact that some republican candidates think they
need to pander to a very small xenophobic segment of their electorate is disturbing
and insulting to the Republican party as a whole.

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