Sunday, February 10, 2008

Randolph J. Sealey Jr

Growing up in Brooklyn, Randolph J. Sealey Jr. never felt like anything other than a typical American kid with an immigrant's background. ''I was either going to play for the New York Yankees or be a doctor,'' said Mr. Sealey, who arrived in the United States from Panama at age 8.

He went the latter career route. On a scholarship at Lawrenceville, a prestigious boarding school in southern New Jersey, he emerged as a leader in the classroom, on the playing fields and in student life. He worked his way through Duke University and then medical school at the State University of New York.

Few would guess that Mr. Sealey, with all his accomplishments and prep school manners, has lived in the United States unlawfully for most of his 27 years. Like others in his situation -- remarkable students running, often unwittingly, under the radar of the Immigration and Naturalization Service -- he has had to wage a quiet crusade to finish his education.

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