Sunday, February 17, 2008

Watching The Watchmen

To many people anti-immigration sites are like a train wreck. No matter how repulsive and disturbing the content we keep coming back to look. If you're one of these people has a special forum for discussing the hate spewed by the anti-immigration crowd. Click here for the "Watching the Watchmen" forum.

Here's my favorite hate quote of the week taken from a Texas Minuteman

This is the beginning of a similar problem Germans endured for 400 years with Jews .. race riots date back hundreds of years before WWII. Immigrant invaders were taking over their economy ( Jews ) . The country got fed up by the government never being able to solve the problem until Uncle Adolf came into power. There was a " final solution " as you know. The Germans offered many countries to take the Jews prior to the War. The US, Canada, Great Britain .. all refused .

So .. they had millions of " rats " in their country .. much the same as we have today with greasers .

At the Nuremberg trials on war crime at the end of the war .. Herman Goehring, commander of the Luftwaffe said to a journalist ... " why do you want to punish the rat-trapper for trapping the rats ? " ..

We'll understand in years how the Nazi did that, and why .. right here in the US .. it hasn't gotten that far out of control yet .

Not saying it is right to exterminate 7 million Jews .. I don't condone that. It's just an example of what happens to a country that is fed up with immigrants that won't leave ..

I love my state of Texas .. but it is drowning in corruption, greed and greasers .. There's only 1 solution ..

Click here for more the discussion on this piece of work.

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