Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tearing a Family Apart

The bathroom situation in the village was worse than Mike Brown imagined. No running water to flush the toilet. Heating water on the stove to bathe. And the flimsy curtain over the doorway provided little privacy.

But he was determined to make the best of it. He had no choice.

It was the Christmas holidays. Brown was visiting his wife, Virginia Carrillo, and son, Bryan.

Their separation began in September the day the family applied for legal status for Carrillo, Brown's illegal-immigrant wife.
They hoped Carrillo would qualify for a green card based on her marriage and child to Brown. Instead, Carrillo was barred from returning to the U.S. for 10 years.

Now, the family is forced to live separately on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
Brown, 44, lives in Mesa. Carrillo, 29, lives in Mexico. She is raising their son Bryan, a U.S. citizen who turned 3 in December.
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No time in American History have immigrant family members of U.S. citizens been treated so poorly. Bryan could easily grow up to be senator Pete Domenici who is himself the child of a U.S. citizen father and undocumented immigrant mother. The only difference, back then immigration laws were more compassionate and allowed Senator Domenici's mother to adjust into a legal immigrant instead of being separated from her family.

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