Thursday, March 20, 2008

Homeland Security worker in Sex Bust

A Homeland Security staffer was busted for promising to help an applicant get her immigration papers in exchange for sexual favors, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Isaac Baichu of the Bronx allegedly forced a female applicant to perform oral sex on him in his car in Queens some time in December 2007, telling her, "Trust me, because I'm the one who can help you," prosecutors said.

Baichu was expected to be arraigned last night on sexual misconduct, receiving a reward for official misconduct, and receiving a bribe, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors encouraged other victims to come forward.

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In combination with the reports of sexual abuse of minors in detention facilities and a white supremacist ICE agent committing suicide it's no surprise Julie Myers the head of ICE thought it was acceptable to give first prize in a Halloween contest to a ICE employee in black face and dread locks dressed up as a prisoner. Immigrants need more rights so people like this don't get away with these actions.

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yave begnet said...

If this is the same DAO Baichu who likes to deny adjustment cases at the Garden City, NY USCIS office, the government may well be seeing some appeals of decisions delivered by a seriously compromised adjudicator.

The question, in a system with so much discretion vested in its bureaucrats and so little oversight, is not "how could this have happened" but "who else is on the take?"