Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pooping Bandit Strikes Homeland Security Building!

While Homeland Security is off chasing gardeners, there was a major security breach at the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management building. I don't know if this person defecated to prove a point but they made one............

A defecating terrorist invaded the heart of American democracy on Sunday and literally crapped all over it. St. Paul police reported that a shitmonger breached the defenses of the mighty Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management building and pooped in several rooms before prancing off into the night.

The Shitting Bandit apparently just wandered in through an unlocked door in, let's repeat that, the Minnesota Homeland Security building. He was captured on film by surveillance cameras, but police doubt they will ever get the sick individual in custody.

Click here for the full Wonkette me the comments are worth it.

My favorites so far:
  • Dude shat IN SEVERAL ROOMS. What kind of colon is this? And what do people eat in Minnesota to make that possible?
  • Okay...if no one else will confess...I give-up...I just couldn't hold it any'd think there'd be a lose flyer lying somewhere around...must have wandered for what seemed like hours...not a soul around..."What is homeland security?"

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