Friday, July 25, 2008

Anti-Immigration Group Caught Not Paying Taxes

Despite their name, is opposed to all types of immigration and often call it the third world invasion of the U.S. Most new immigrants and even undocumented immigrants pay taxes and it's a myth (not to be confused with loves to spread.

I should be keeping a better eye on them because it turns out that did not have it's employees pay payroll taxes and (the good guys) reported them to the IRS like any good citizen and will donate the reward money to a charity aiding undocumented immigrants and their families that were affected by the Potsville raid

I somehow doubt William Gheen will admit to his supporters that their hard earned money will end up in the hands of undocumented immigrants.

You gotta love this country.

Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes, it doesn't matter if they're a poor undocumented immigrant looking to feed their family back home who isn't aware of the tax laws or William Gheen intentionally trying to screw the system.

I think it's a testament to just how the majority of undocumented immigrants are dedicated to being productive members of society. The majority of immigrants (yes, even undocumented immigrants)opt to pay their share of taxes (often overpay because they are unaware they qualify for refunds) while people such as Gheen who is knowledgeable on tax rules don't make their employees pay their fair share in an effort to milk the system.

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IBMMuseum said...

Irony so thick you can cut it with a knife...

Tony Cheek said...

Let's give credit where credit is due: The Watchman studiously scoured ALI-PAC's FEC and IRS filings, discovered the "oversight," and alerted the IRS.

BTW: damn fine site you have here! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the word out about Gheen's anti-American tendencies towards following the "rule of law" and paying his fair share of taxes. Isn't it sickening when people like this demand everyone else follow the laws and then break them?

Now it's time to address why Minuteman, Chris Simcox didn't go to jail for molesting his own daughter, with his daughter, wife and three of his friends admitting he did!