Monday, July 21, 2008

Texas Going Blue?

The Nation had an interesting story on how they predict Texas will turn reliably blue in the mold of California by 2020. Why is this important? If Texas with 34 electoral votes turns reliably blue it will become next to impossible for any republican to win the presidency for generations to come. Not to mention the massive losses in the house and senate the republicans could face.

"The only prospect for the Texas Republican Party to remain competitive in ten years is to be winning 35 to 40 percent of Hispanic votes, along with 75 percent of whites and 10 percent of African-Americans."

Is it just me or didn't everyone already see this coming? President Bush saw it coming. Bush worked hard for 40% and most analysts agree Hispanic support won him a second term. His support for CIR helped and he was confident he could win over Hispanics and immigration supporters over to the GOP. However, instead of making inroads, media whores in his own party (such as the criminal Senator Vitter) stood in his way and actually eroded away at the GOP Hispanic and immigration supporters share than help add to it.

One after another, GOP leaders went on Sunday talk shows trying to quiet their xenophobic colleagues trying to get across (sometimes more directly than others) that the party would be the minority party for generations to come if they vilified immigrants and every other issue that they hold so dear will be swept aside for generations to come. Egos are hard to control and in the end the damage was done.

So Bush started plan "B", delay the inevitable. Scare away the immigrants and make it harder for them to become citizens. That's the thing with the inevitable, you can only delay it for so long before you must face judgment day. It's coming and if recent trends seen in the Hispanic and immigrant communities are any indication, it's not going to be pretty.

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Mariamariacuchita said...

Just dropped over. Nice blog. Great read. Yes, Dallas has turned over and Houston is expected to go blue in the next election. Not holding my breath on far west Texas, but it could happen. Let's hope.