Monday, July 21, 2008

Lopez Lomong

The post underneath this one talked about how all 3 U.S. Olympians running the metric mile are immigrants. All three have very compelling stories and make this immigration blogger very proud of them and this country. This is Lopez Lomong's story.

"At age 6, he was abducted from a Sudanese church by a militia faction that wanted to turn young boys into child soldiers. He eventually escaped the militia camp through a hole in a fence with three older boys who carried them on their backs as they walked for three days until they reached Kenya, where police arrested them and sent them to a refugee camp. He spent 10 years in the camp, living on one meal a day." click here for his whole bio

He probably doesn't take anything for granted or wastes an opportunity like so many of us do everyday.

He hasn't forgotten where he came from and if you look on his site, he doesn't link to running sites but rather to and

So let's all watch the mile at Beijing and hope some nativists are watching as well and they learn what this country truly stands for and maybe next time they'll think before calling refugees and immigrants the scum of the U.S.

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