Monday, August 25, 2008

Dangerous Hate - Part 2

The anti-immigration "activist" from the Dangerous Hate Post (below this post) who was caught illegally stockpiling weapons and making threats was finally released after several months in jail I'm still looking into finding out what he was finally convicted of what he was managed to wiggle his way out of.

However, the Watchman from was able to find this record of arrest from several years ago for the same individual..

Arrested were Randy Dees a 52 year old Rodeo resident for 245 PC, assault with a deadly weapon and David Parsons a 30 year old Fairfield resident for 245 PC assault with a deadly weapon, 273 (a) PC, child endangerment and 288 (a)(1) PC lewd act on a child."

To think in anti-immigration circles, this guy is a hero. I've never been more disgusted.

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