Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dangerous Hate

A while back I heard of an anti-immigration "activist" from the hate group Save Our State being arrested for domestic terrorism. I was shocked, not because I was surprised it came to this but because an arrest was actually made. It is not uncommon to see people encouraging others to take arms and start shooting "illegals". Beyond the homicidal intentions surrounding these statements, I'm still confounded as to how they know if someone is undocumented or not.

Well one of them was arrested on domestic terrorism charges late last year and is currently in jail. He still has not had his day in court yet so I'm going to hold off putting up his name until then. However put up a link to an anti-immigration blog that highlights how despite arrests being made, the anti-immigration community still does not see why threatening violence is a serious matter, especially on a population that cannot seek help from the authorities. This case however seems to involve specific threats to the ACLU. The blogger writes

"I don’t want to thwart Randy’s legal defense in any way so I’m not going to repeat what it is he is alleged to have written on the message board. But I will tell you that it wasn’t anything more serious than we have all read on the Internet many times before. Some of you may have written something similar. You could be sitting in jail right now too."

To those of you who don't frequent many anti-immigration sites, the people who visit those tend to believe the only to deal with immigrants is through violence and a "war". I used to dismiss these people as lunatics but in the last few years they are now the majority on a lot of these sites.

To be continued.............


Fash said...

I try to keep away from the anti-migrant sites because of this, but on the occasions that I do dip in, this is what I see. At first I thought they were harmless fools, but now that this person has been arrested, I wonder how serious it actually is? Are we going to see a return to power of a KKK-like entity? I hope not.

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

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