Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Son of Undoucumented Immigrants Wins Gold

BEIJING — The American flag landed on the scorer’s table, launched by a family member with exceptional aim. Henry Cejudo grabbed it from his coach and draped it around his body. He stood there for the longest time, fighting back tears, the son of illegal immigrants wrapped in stars and stripes.

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Glen Peterson said...

I think this is a wonderful story. However, in the absence of a trial with a jury or some kind of legal confession, I will say that Henry is the son of an immigrant family. Great story. Great kid. Awesome!

Damn Mexicans said...

It really is. I'm proud of the NY times for doing this story justice. Nice job Greg Bishop.

Tony Cheek said...

Henry did a fantastic job and deserves all the accolades he receives.

And I'm sure the top of Tancredo's head is about to approach low earth orbit.