Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Justice Served?

I'm sure everyone had heard that The Justice Department won't press charges against Justice Department officials who violated U.S. laws. The picture on the left is of one Monica Goodling, one of the main culprits. If you haven't already heard, here is a summary of the charges.
Internal department watchdogs have issued two audits concluding that several former officials broke civil laws by vetting interns, young lawyers and immigration judges on their conservative credentials and loyalty to President George W. Bush. The posts are meant to be non-political.

Now, read this

"The American Civil Liberties Union obtained a government "manual" distributed to defense lawyers assigned to represent immigrant workers arrested and prosecuted in last May's Postville, Iowa meatpacking raids. The document – posted on the ACLU Web site today – contains prepackaged scripts for plea and sentencing hearings as well as documents providing for guilty pleas and waivers of rights that were used to push the more than 300 Postville workers through mass criminal proceedings as quickly as possible".

These are DEFENSE attorneys.

A federal Judge had this to say about immigration cases that come up before him
"It's often hard to get a good night's sleep when you feel the lawyering in a case has not been good."

You have to wonder when we became a country where corrupt government officials got off without a scratch yet desperate and poor laborers are denied basic rights.

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