Monday, November 10, 2008

Minuteman Spends 30 Days With an Undocumented Family

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Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the episode.

Frank is so misinformed and paranoid at the beginning. First of, there is no legal method for most undocumented immigrants to come here. There is no line. Also, 9/11 had nothing to do with undocumented immigration. His excuse that that was what inspired him shows how ignorant he really is. Don't be like Frank, inform yourself by checking out the links on the right side of this blog. Frank you have no comprehension of how immigration laws works. It's not as simple as, gee I really like that person, I think I'll sponsor them or filling out a form and bam you're a citizen. It doesn't work like that.

BTW: Most Cuban Americans would disagree with Frank on how easy it is these days (not 60 years ago) for Cubans to immigrate here and immigrants from Cuba have the least difficulty getting legal status. They receive asylum if they can put one foot on U.S. soil. Easier said than done. All they have to do is brave the dangerous ocean on rickety boats all while trying to evade the U.S. Coast Guard so they can step foot on U.S. soil granting them legal status. It's crazy and inhumane but that is how the law works. Don't even get me started on Haitian refugees in a similar situation or how Mexican and Central Americans braving the deserts of the southwest are treated.

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