Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exploiting The People Who Feed You - Farm Worker Protections Dropped

"The H-2A program is a temporary agricultural guestworker program that permits employers to apply for permission to hire foreign labor for jobs lasting ten months or less.

Before leaving office, the Bush Administration is leaving one parting "gift" to our nation's farmworkers. In midnight regulation changes to the nation's agricultural guestworker program he will slash wages and reduce worker protections for those who harvest our crops.

The changes, proposed by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were revealed on the DOL website late Monday evening but have not been officially published in the Federal Register yet."

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John sluggo said...

Don't give me that feeling sorry shit. These scuzzy bastards pop kids like rabbits and suck off the system. They bring in drugs, violence and gangs which are crippling our cities.

What's just as bad is their defiance to speak English "OUR" language. They want to be American so bad there's a place to start.

No sob stories as most REAL Americans are sick of these oily no-accounts slithering their way across the border illegally.

They are dirty and don't know how to be civil. They blast their radios out screen-less windows, the same ones they toss out the garbage from.

These people are the lowest lifeforms on earth. They want to turn America into the same toilet Mexico is.

Immigrating should be fair and balanced across all ethnic groups not just Mexicans. ALL other Hispanics that have entered the country have adopted our customs and language. maybe Mexicans are just too stupid.

This is war plain and simple. If I had my way the National Guard would be guarding the border not letting anyone through.

These people are slick though. they sneak in and have as many babies on welfare as possible who will all be born in America so the illegals will cry about staying with their kids. I hope this law is changed so that you can only be American with American parents.

Drop dead you anti-American scum bags!

Damn Mexicans said...

Immigrants and especially undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than native born Americans. Also, the vast majority of legal immigrants let alone undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare. It's a myth. If you want to learn more you can