Saturday, December 6, 2008

Immigration Lawmakers and Enforcers Breaking the Law

The Chief Border Patrol Officer in New England was charged with hiring undocumented immigrants and will probably go to jail. Big deal, Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, and Gordon Smith all hired undocumented immigrants. Are any of them going to jail? Nope. I smell hypocrites.

Makes sense that these employers are opposed to legalization, can't exploit them if they come out of the shadows.

Click here for more on the Border Patrol Officer in New England that hired the undocumented worker.

Click here for yet another Immigration Investigator who harbored an undocumented girlfriend.

Click here, here, and here for cases in which immigration authorities were found guilty of sexual assualt on immigrants.

Click here for a white supremacists ICE agent.

Click here for another chief border patrol officer found guilty of child rape.

All of these people strongly believe poor and desperate immigrants who risk their lives to come looking for work so they can to feed their families should follow the law even if it means watching their children starve. Wonder how they feel about their own less noble intentions.

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