Thursday, April 2, 2009

Republicans Show Their Hatred of Legal Immigrant Children

The SCHIP battle continues and this time Republicans hate immigration so much they are brazenly going after innocent legal 4 year old immigrants. As outlandish as that sounds, it's the sad truth. Ugh. What happened to that party?

1) Many of these same people love to say they are only opposed to "illegal immigrants" when in reality they are opposed to all immigrants, including the majority of legal immigrants. Former President Bush had this say, "well, Republicans don't like immigrants." Now, that may be fair or unfair, but that's the image that came out". I think it's a pretty fair and accurate image.

2) They're children! What kind of society are we that we turn a sick child away at the emergency room? Keep in mind, immigrants do not qualify for most public services yet pay taxes just like everyone else. They aren't "leaches" as some Republican Law makers might lead you think. They pay their fair share. This isn't a act of charity, rather one of fairness and justice.


Peach said...

¡Que gran mentira !
You are using this to sway Hispanics to support the Democrats.
You do not have sufficient facts to support your allegations.
Otra vec ¡Que gran mentira !

Damn Mexicans said...

Did you even read the links? Yes, the Republican caucus in the Senate went after these kids. We work hard to provide accurate information on this blog.