Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're all Human - How Even Nativists Have a Heart

Kirsten Gillibrand, Chris Simcox, Darrell Issa, & Duncan Hunter at the bottom

Too often this blog points out instances where people are at their worst. We're all human so let's show them when they're at their best.

1) NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, we were hard on her when she was first appointed but she's been working to prove us wrong. First, she surprised us by being able to converse in Mandarin, speaking a foreign language is a very un-nativist trait. Now she just signed on as a co-sponsor to the DREAM Act. You're doing alright Kirsten.

2) Chris Simcox the head of the self appointed border patrol agents called the minutemen has recently come out in tepid support of the Dream Act. Awwwwww....he doesn't want to imprison innocent children.

3)Immigrant hater and congressman Duncan Hunter. While Duncan is vilifying immigrants and stroking the flames of hate, his brother John is setting up water stations for desperate migrants trying to cross the desert. John has saved many lives with the water stations and surprisingly Duncan has not tried to stop him. Awwwwww....he didn't try to stop his brother from saving poor and desperate human beings from dying in the desert.

4) Self-described Immigrant hater and congressman Darrell Issa. According to John Duncan (the man who sets up life saving water stations for migrants crossing the desert) Darrell secretly donated $25,000 to his organization. Typically, politicians love to exploit their "good will" for politician gain but Issa might have been afraid what his rapid and hateful anti-immigrant following would have thought about him trying to save immigrant lives. Issa you bastard, grow a pair and do what you know is right. It's too late, we already know you have a heart, it turns out you're just lacking a spine.

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