Saturday, February 23, 2008

Judge Receives Threats For Immigration Related Ruling

If you troll the anti-immigration sites, you know a lot of these people are missing a few screws. Case in point, one of them is currently sitting in jail for threats he made to the ACLU. So I'm not particularly surprised this happened.

A Westbury Village justice wants courtroom security beefed up because of the hate mail and "crazy" e-mails he has received since he dismissed a driving without a license charge against an undocumented immigrant.

One note - posted at - suggests, "Let's hire an AIDS-infected hooker ... male for [the judge's] daughter ... female for his son ... and let he/she/them be infected with AIDS, so he can rule in hopes of opening up another dialogue on the suffering in Africa."

"I have gotten some bizarre communication," said Justice Thomas Liotti, who in a written decision last week asked for a metal detector and court officers either outside or inside the courtroom. "This is crazy - absolute nonsense.
"We need security in our village courts. Otherwise, we could fall victim to some of these nuts who want to take matters into their owns hands," Liotti added.
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If you want to see more read this lovely comment left by a Texas minuteman and check out the "Watching the Watchmen" forum over at

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